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Pennsville National Bank is committed to making Online Banking secure and protected. But we need our Customers to also do their part in protecting themselves.  Internet security is everyone’s responsibility, so we urge you to take common sense steps to protect your  login information and account numbers.

Important – Microsoft Internet Explorer Being Retired June 2022

Microsoft is retiring Internet Exploreer in June 2022, so we strongly suggest that you upgrade to the Microsoft Edge browser and remove Internet Explorer from your Computer. 

There are still several security updates available to address a browser vulnerability in Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11. Customers are advised to install this update as soon as possible to help address the vulnerability, either through automatic or manual updates to their computers.

Also note that the most recent version of Internet Explorer is more secure than older versions. Microsoft is no longer supporting many of the older versions of the Internet Explorer browser. If you are running an old version of Internet Explorer, it is highly advised to upgrade to the most recent version.

Visit the Microsoft Internet Explorer update /download page

Also be aware of  fraudulent activity  in which an online criminal sends an email that appears to be from our organization. Especially be careful to NEVER EVER OPEN A ZIP FILE OR OTHER ATTACHMENT AS THEY MAY CONTAIN MALICIOUS SOFTWARE THAT CAN COMPROMISE THE SECURITY OF YOUR COMPUTER.

If you receive a suspicious email, delete it immediately. Never open it, never click on its links, never open its attachments, and never reply or forward it. If you have clicked on it, notify your organization’s information technology security department or help desk as soon as possible.

Please note that a valid secure message will never contain a .zip file, or any other compressed file. You should always be alert for email that contains unfamiliar or suspicious links or attachments, is unsolicited and/ or from an unknown sender, is sent multiple times from different senders, or contains poor grammar or incorrectly spelled words.


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If you have lost your ATM card or VISA Check Card and are unable to reach us during regular hours, please call 1-800-472-3272.