Certificates of Deposits

Our short term certificates of deposits earn a higher rate than statement savings or money market accounts and they don't tie up your money for lengthy periods of time.

Our longer term CDs offer an even higher rate of interest and are especially advantageous because our minimum deposit, as with all of our CD's, is only $500.

CHOICE Savings

Our CHOICE Savings account earns a competitive rate of interest on balances under $2,000 and higher rates on balances over $2,000. Limited checkwriting, unlimited withdrawals and ATM transactions.

Money Market Fun(d)

The Money Market Fun(d) account pays more interest on higher balances. You will earn a competitive rate of interest on balances over $5,000. Higher rates are earned for balances over $10,000, $25,000 and $50,000. There is a limit on check writing, but there are unlimited in-person withdrawals and MAC transactions.

Statement Savings

With statement savings, you'll receive a statement at the end of each calendar quarter. The convenience of 24-hour-a-day access with an ATM is available with your account. There is a $2 service charge if the quarterly average balance is below $50.

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