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Beginning in 2001, The "J" Boys and State
Tree and Hauling have joined forces. By sharing administration in a local office at 772 Harding Highway, Carneys Point, NJ, the tree and lawn services are integrated and can be run more efficiently. Together, we will provide a better response to all our customers’ yard needs.

State Tree has trimmed, shaped, and fertilized trees in South Jersey for over eight years. The "J" Boys will carry on with the same quality since State Tree founder, Jim Gannon, will use his 15 years experience to manage the Tree Division.n


The "J" Boys

Mission Statement

We provide quality service to our business and residential customers in a professional manner utilizing employees who are knowledgeable, innovative, customer oriented, and most importantly, courteous. We maintain a high standard of honesty and integrity in all business practices. We continually exceed our client’s expectations, which puts us on a level above other landscapers in our geographic area.

It is our resolve to provide our employees with a safe and prosperous work environment while cultivating a positive attitude among team members. We value our employees’ family and leisure time and encourage their personal, family, and community development.n


President of The "J" Boys, Jim Thorpe , began cutting grass 20 years ago. His local one-man grass cutting operation has grown into a full service lawn maintenance and landscaping service operating in Salem, Cumberland, and Gloucester Counties. In 1997, Landscape Division Manager, John Thorpe, began installation of a variety of fence products. Last year, The "J" Boys added SmartDog under-ground dog fencing to its list of services.

The new millennium marks the institution of an updated state-of-the-art computer scheduling and invoicing system. In addition, The "J" Boys has also joined 140 other landscape and lawn maintenance companies across the country in the "Pro Training Challenge," a weekly training session designed to build employees into the best in the area. Our many fine technicians will add more skills to their experience, dedicated to top quality service. All our improvements add up to more efficient service for our customers.

So call 856-299-8211 for:

Lawn mowing, trimming, & edging


Lawn fertilization

Tree & shrub installation

Tree fertilization & trimming

Tree removal

Mulch & stone

Flower installation

Seasonal clean-ups

Sprinkler installation & service

Paver & pond installation



Thatching & aerating soil

Seeding or sodding

Wood or vinyl fencing

Chain-link fencing

Underground dog fencing

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